F1000 Chassis

F1000 – To jig or not to jig

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With the limited room available to actually build the F1000 thoughts had turned to the build process. While I’m not afraid of welding I have been considering other forms of construction to reduce the amount of jigs we would have to use (and therefore store afterwards). It got me thinking, can we just use the […]

F1000 – Getting The Bars Right

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We’ve recently started a thread on Apex Speed after some advice from the Australian Formula 1000 Association recommended that we visit there to chat with builders and owners of these cars in America, where the series has enjoyed success and growth over the last decade. And one important lesson we learned right away was that […]

More detail…

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The last couple of weeks have been a bit slow due to other pressing projects, but we’ve been working slowly on more details at the front of the MDS F1000. We’ve tidied up the wishbone clevis’ to make them lighter. We’ve also finalised the design for the front rockers. We are going to use a […]

F1000 – A First Layout

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As you may have seen we appear to be further along than our first updates appear, but that’s not actually the case. While we were laying out the suspension and chassis pickup points we were also loosely putting together the major elements of the car. While almost every single part of the car will change, […]

F1000 Chassis – Version 1

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With an overall layout coming closer to completion (bare in mind 99% of it will change once we get down into the nitty gritty) we’ve added some more tubes in place to take suspension and crash structure loads. Our initial suspension layout went against our ethos of having a chassis that was relatively straight forward […]

Race Engineering Academy – Introduction to Race Engineering

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The Race Engineering Academy is proud to announce it’s next course, Introduction to Race Engineering, to be held in Sydney on the 13th and 14th of August. This two-day course has been, almost entirely, prepared by Blake Smith. Blake is one the most highly reputed race engineers in the V8 Supercar category, having worked for […]

F1000 Chassis – A Start

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While the suspension kinematics has started it’s also worth investigating how that suspension will feed loads into the chassis. While we have realised that a high nose suspension can work from a kinematics point of view we also need to take into account the chassis design. It soon became apparent that we had not left […]

Formula 1000 – Low or High Nose?

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With current single seater trends (bar classes where its’ ruled out on safety grounds) leaning towards a high nose to maximise the aerodynamic flow under the vehicle, I thought it would be worth exploring both options and their effect on front geometry. Will the added potential downforce creation offset the compromised geometry? What will this mean in […]

Formula 1000 – A Starting Point

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The MDS Formula 1000 needs to showcase our design and manufacturing capabilities, but at the same time it needs to be designed from the outset to be competitive. After reading through the regulations there were a lot of similarities with FIA Formula 3 relating to overall dimensions, wheelbase, track etc. Our first step will be to […]