MDS do not specialise in aerodynamics, although we can ensure your vehicle can have all the right basics in place for further development. We can assist and provide you with basic aerodynamic solutions and ideas and create these on a modest budget. Aerodynamics is a science, but modest results can be obtained from best practise solutions using cost effective materials such as fibreglass and aluminium sheet, Carbon fibre is not always the answer (although it certainly helps if the budget allows for it).

When a project arises that requires detailed aerodynamic study we consult with Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero. Andrew has a wealth of experience all over the world from Indycar to JGTC. Andrew has also work with many smaller teams including vehicles that compete at Pikes Peak and in Time Attack events from Australia to Asia, America and Europe. Based in Japan AMB regularly works in Australia which is why we employ his expertise for our own aero programs.