More detail…

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The last couple of weeks have been a bit slow due to other pressing projects, but we’ve been working slowly on more details at the front of the MDS F1000. We’ve tidied up the wishbone clevis’ to make them lighter. We’ve also finalised the design for the front rockers. We are going to use a Koyo combination thrust bearing that will give the support in both axial and radial rotation. Many rockers use 4 bearings, we only have to use 2. While we haven’t put any of the suspension through FEA simulation, we are confident there will be minimal changes required if any.

As you may see from the main image we’ve also tidied up the bodywork around the wishbone clevis’ as well. Looking at many other formula cars there were lots of different interpretations. We may have gone a little overboard but it’s one of those things that will probably change once the aero is finalised.

Speaking of aero, Andrew Brilliant of AMB aero will be undertaking the main aerodynamic development – shaping the side pods, the floor, engine cover, plus front and rear wings and diffusers.