F1000 – A First Layout

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As you may have seen we appear to be further along than our first updates appear, but that’s not actually the case. While we were laying out the suspension and chassis pickup points we were also loosely putting together the major elements of the car. While almost every single part of the car will change, doing it this way allows us to take a holistic approach and design a car as a whole rather than by one little bit at a time. Quite often a lot of work and detail will go into a single element only to realise further down the line that the part needs significant changes, so adding in parts that are loosely designed allows us to take into consideration other parts that might be next to that part or another part that requires interaction and it allows the designer to take all of this in while designing. So this is what we have done.

So now, bit by bit, we move through the car, adding more detail, looking at all the design considerations. How will the bodywork attach? Will a spanner fit behind that chassis tube? What sort of fasteners should we use? These are just some of the hundreds of question we’ll ask ourselves as we continue through the race car design. Next up we’ll focus on the nose of the car and discuss problems and issues and how we’re going to overcome them. We’re still working on it but below is a sneak peak. Stay tuned…