3D Printing & Prototying

MDS make use of small but accurate 3D printing technology, making prototype work much more cost effective that in the last. Our 3D printing machinery allows us to print accurately to 0.1mm allowing us to ensure correct fitment of any part. We use a high strength premium ABS plastic that is much more durable than regular ABS or PLA materials. Some parts can be used in vehicles straight off the printing bed, although we do not recommend this.

We can also CNC from plastics and other materials at your request. This process is suitable where a high level of finish is required, such as moulds for composite layups.

Prototyping is one of the most important aspects of the design phase. Without prototyping unforeseen errors will occur, regardless of how good your model is. We prototype every product, sometimes up to three times to ensure the final manufactured part is precise and meets all requirements. Sometimes it’s the most simple things, like being able to get tool and hand access to loosen or tighten a fastener, to allowing clearance or have enough material around a certain area of a part. The on-screen model can look deceiving, and that’s why we prototype.

MDS will happily print provided prototype files or work with yo to develop your product from idea to prototype to production. Contact us today for all your 3D printing motorsport needs.