Daihatsu Charade Time Attack Suspension Redesign

When it comes to designing or upgrading any suspension on a race car, step number 1 is to measure up the exisiting vehicle. But how many owners or even shops even do this? The answer is virtually none. And this is what sets MDS apart from the rest. If you do not know what a […]

FJ20 Dry Sump Kit

The Nissan FJ20 engine is a enginethat dates back to the 1980s with rumour that it was designed for the then 1.5 litre turbocharged Formula 1 era. After appearing in the DR30 Skyline and S12 Silvia that raced in both Group A circuit and rallying engine production ceased due to the expensive nature of the […]

TTI Sequential Gearbox Shifter

David Wall of Wall Racing approached us to deign and manufacture a shifter mechanism for the New Zealand design TTI Racing Sequential Gearbox. This gearbox is the same as used in the New Zealand touring car championship. The gearbox is unique in that is uses 2 shift levers. One for forward and one for reverse. […]