MDS design and develop automotive and industrial design concepts and prototypes. Our in 3D CAD design team will help you to take your idea onto screen and into reality. Our unique approach allows us to be across all aspects of your project. Whether it be some simple sketches right up to and including prototypes, CAD, prototyping, marketing and production.


Component Design
MDS can design any mechanical component for your motorsport project. From a seat mount to a wheel and everything in between. MDS make use of the latest CAD software allowing us to design your component to specific strength and weight targets using finite element analysis tools.
Suspension Kinematics
Suspension kinematics is an often overlooked area of any motorsport build, with many owners simply bolting in bought components and trusting the outcome. Running a complete kinematics study allows us to build a suspension model of your vehicle, and then tailor the geometry to your requirements.
Aerodynamics can be considered a black art. That's why we use expert aerodynamic consultants to work with us on aero intensive projects. Our consultants have experience in the highest level of motorsport, Formula 1, so we can be sure the chosen aero solution for your vehicle will be nothing short of perfect.
3D Printing & Prototyping
Prototyping is one area often overlooked. Every component we design, we prototype to check fitment and aesthetics. Sometimes its useful simply as a proof of concept. 3D printing has come down in price significantly and as such we offer this service for small to medium sized parts.
3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
Our 3D Scanning capabilities allow us to reverse engineer any motorsport component. Whether requiring just a basic scan for reference or a complete CAD model and drawings based off a supplied part, not job is too big or too small.
Component Manufacture
MDS uses a number of partner machine shops in Australia, America and Asia. We can offer manufacturing prices at rates that cannot be beaten. Using the best materials and the most professional finishes, MDS will ensure your components are to tolerance, fit and finish.