TTI Sequential Gearbox Shifter

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David Wall of Wall Racing approached us to deign and manufacture a shifter mechanism for the New Zealand design TTI Racing Sequential Gearbox. This gearbox is the same as used in the New Zealand touring car championship. The gearbox is unique in that is uses 2 shift levers. One for forward and one for reverse. Initially we were engaged to simply design a new shifter to incorporate the Australian designed and manufactured Motorsport Systems strain gauge shift knob. This allows the engine spark to be cut while shifting, allowing for clutch-less gear changes. It was also felt the TTi supplied shifters were too tall for this particular application.

Our design moved the reverse shifter onto an angle to be out of the way of the main shifter and the knob replicated that of shift cut knob.

We had discussed the desire to design a single shifter mechanism with a built-in reverse, but the tight time frame meant this couldn't be developed in time.

After the project was completed and delivered we started on a new concept using the knowledge we had now gained from the 2 stick shifter. We design a single stick shifter with a reverse mechanism that can be used on any TTi Racing Gearbox.